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Hardsurface Cleaner
Versatile multi-surface cleaner that leaves surfaces shining and streak-free
Certified and established heavy duty degreaser for removal of animal and dairy fats
All Purpose Cleaner
Effectively cuts through grease and cleans away tough soil leaving no residue
Glass Cleaner
Quick and easy to use glass and window cleaner for a streak-free shine
Carpet Cleaner
A fresh scented and effective solution that removes tough stains from carpets and upholstery
Hardwood Floor Cleaner
A hardwood cleaner with fresh lemon scent that leaves floors gleaming
Oven Cleaner
For easy removal of tough baked on grease and residue
Lemon Gel Floor Cleaner
Long-lasting floor and wall cleaner with natural oils to give added lustre
Tile Cleaner
Non-abrasive formula effectively removes old polish and cleans tiles to leave no residue
Tile Polish
Polishes natural stone floors to high-gloss finish
Tile Descaler
One-step tile descaler that removes stains and limescale build-up
Foil Degreaser
Powerful water based cleaning agent dissolves tough grease and grimes
Economical, high performance washing-up liquid qith gentle scent
Anti-Static Foam Cleanser Spray
Fast-acting foam cleaner prevents build up of dust
Perfume Deodorant 7A
Extra strength perfumed cleaner for areas where bad odours are a problem
Sanitary toilet fluid that cleans, disinfects and deodourises in one easy step
Rinse Aid
Fast-acting cleaning formula leaves glass, ceramic or metals sparkling
Antibacterial soap liquid
Toilet Descaler
Fast-acting removal of stubborn limescale and tough stains
Hyper Bleach
High concentration bleach sanitises and disinfects
Pine Disinfectant
Formulated with natural pine oils and an antibacterial agent for tough cleaning jobs
Drain Cleaner
Effective caustic drain cleaner dissolves blockages rapidly
Jade Air Freshener
Instantly deodorises rooms eliminating odours and leaving a fresh, natural  scent


Decking Cleaner
Removes stubborn stains and leaves decks with no residue
Wheelie Bin Cleaner
Extra-strength for Wheelie Bins with  perfume added
Cobble Block Cleaner
Superior formula to remove grime and stains from cobble blocks
Path and Patio Cleaner
High performance formula to clean concrete, paving slabs and natural stone
Moss Killer
Formulated to kill moss and resist
Line Marking Paint
Long-lasting line marking paint available in black, white and yellow
Tile Sealer
Seals natural stone floors to give a water resistant finish
High concentration formula for removal of concrete and grout residue from building equipment
Fungicidal solution
Proven solution for removal of fungus and mould. Can also be added to emulsion paint to resist growth of mould
Silica Spray
Patination Oil
Prevents patination on lead and copper flashing
Shutter Oil
Concrete mould release agent
Severe Anti-Corrosion Inhibitor
Brick & Tile Cleaner
Industrial strength cement and grout remover
Open Chain & Wire Rope Lube
Heavy duty lubricant in spray


Anti Graffiti Coating
Coating for surfaces to give resistance to graffiti
Graffiti Wipes
Easy to use graffiti removal wipes
Graffiti Remover Spray
Effective and easy to use graffiti remover
Blast Off
Re-developed corrosive paste for removal of graffiti for use by contactors only


Drive Kleen
Industrial strength driveway cleaner, removes oil stains from driveways
Cockpit Cleaner Spray
Cleans and polishes car interiors leaving a fresh scent
Tar Remover
Effective removal of tar from vehicle paintwork
Penetrating Oil
Heavy duty penetrating oil in spray
Cold Wax
Superior wax polish for trucks & cars, leaves vehicles with high gloss shine
Solvent based degreaser for cleaning of engines and related equipment
High concentration fast-acting detergent for cleaning cars and trucks
Car and Truck Wash
Cuts through tough grease and stains to leave vehicles sparking clean
Fast acting removal of rust stains


Bath Etch
Effective removal on enamel from cast iron baths
Rubber Renovator
Rejuvenates all worn rubber surfaces
Chewing Gum Remover
Freezes gum for quick and effective removal from tables, chairs and other surfaces
Knots and Hull Wash
Cleaner for removal of barnacles and weed from hulls
Shoe San
Shoe sanitizer
Seaweed Remover
For removal of seaweed from slips and walk ways

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