A traditional 19th century leather balsam containing original old fashioned ingredients (including beeswax) well known in the trade for revitalising and protecting leather (and indeed the stitching) used in leather craft.

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Available in 3 sizes to suit Your needs:

100ml 250ml 500ml



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Various craftspeople and many professionals connected with leather products, from vintage car enthusiasts through to show jumpers and huntsmen, from antique book enthusiasts through to butlers employed at stately homes and palaces, testify to its tried and tested formula. The results obtained with Celtic Leather Care are instantaneous, yet have long lasting results, leaving old tired leather revitalised and supple, giving newer leather products a shine and protection unsurpassed by modern polishes not containing our traditional ingredients. Celtic Leather Care is generally regarded as one of the most economical leather products on the market in this day and age.


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